Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

Fluenz French Review

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Fluenz French has a goal of making learning French fluently easy for people, and it achieves this aim well.

It consists of a set of audio CDs and podcasts: the latest trend in language learning that has truly revolutionized getting a strong grasp of a new language with minimal fuss. In fact, podcasts and audio formats make learning French considerably easy as you can take your lessons wherever you go.

The goal of Fluenz French is to teach you how to construct real sentences that would be of use in everyday life. Instead of learning like a young child learns to read and write, Fluenz French teaches you word structures rather than word associations. You will start with very basic sentences and exercises and then lead up to much more complex communication levels.

Fluenz French Pricing

Fluenz French 1 + 2 costs $357 and consists of:


2 Audio CDs


Fluenz Navigator

Or you can buy each part separately for $218 for Fluenz French 1 and $248 for Fluenz French too. Obviously, it is simply cheaper and more convenient to buy both packs together.

The audio CDs are an excellent companion to the program itself. They work in conjunction with the software so you can gain the very most out of every lesson and workout.

There are also several excellent downloadable podcasts that provide extra training on top of what is available on the audio cd’s but in a less formal manner.

You really feel like you have a one on one teacher with Fluenz French and that is something that many other programs have tried to achieve, but have fallen short on. But Fluenz French gets it just right. You will not be disappointed with this extensively detailed learning package.

There have been some wonderful customer testimonials of this package, including the following:“I was engaged from the very beginning by a wonderful teacher and an honest, real approach”

This provides that Fluenz French has achieved its goal of teaching the French language in an easy to understand, honest and realistic approach that anyone will be able to take advantage of.

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