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France Travel Tips – Things that You Should Know When Visiting France

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10 Tips for Tourists in France

France receives the highest number of tourists every year in the world. Although Paris hosts most of these travelers, you can visit numerous other tourist-attracting sites across the country. Even without English to French translation, the country provides a chance to interact with people from other countries and cultures. Consequently, it’s important to be ready for the challenges that come with this opportunity.

10 Things You Should Know When Visiting France

If you are planning to tour France, here are some of the things that you should know for the best experience.

  • Learn some French

French is the main language in France. To enhance your experience in the country, it’s advisable to learn some basic French terms. You can use English to French translation to familiarize yourself with some common phrases such as Bonjour – Hello, that can help you to communicate.

However, since the country receives people from different nationalities, English, Portuguese, and German are among the other languages used here. In most of the major cities and tourist attraction centers, English is used commonly. Moreover, you should not worry much about English to French translation since most of the locals will assist you, especially when they notice your effort to communicate in their language.

  • Stay in smaller towns

France has excellent five-star and four-star hotels spread across major cities in the country. However, due to the high number of tourists, these hotels may not accommodate all the tourists. Moreover, they are expensive. Fortunately, the country has an equally high number of two-star bed and breakfast hotels that also superb. Therefore, you can reduce the cost of your trip by spending your nights in smaller towns where most of these hotels are found.

  • Visit Eiffel Tower

Your trip to Paris is never complete without a visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower. Although you can see gorgeous structure in the comfort of your hotel room, nothing beats the experience of getting to its pinnacle. You can take the stairs to explore the tower. If you want to go to the very top, the lift will do the trick. Although it’s illegal to take photos of the structure at night, it lights up, allowing people to enjoy its view.

  • Don’t forget the museums

Your tour to France should not end without a visit to the various museums in the country. At Louvre in Paris, you’ll see the famous da Vinci’s painting, Mona Lisa. A visit to the world’s largest museum and other art galleries in the country will take you through an interesting era. You’ll learn about the history and heritage of the French.

  • Go skiing

French Alps is one of the most popular destinations among many winter sports enthusiasts. The country is known for world-class holiday destinations such as Meribel ski resort, among others. However, these places are a little expensive and are frequented by wealthy actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, etc.

  • Take wine at Bordeaux

Bordeaux is famous for its wine. If you are with your friends, take a bottle of wine from this region for dinner. This southwestern part of France is known for both white and red wines made from grapes grown there. You must be ready to spend some cash since the wine is very expensive. However, although there are many wine options in the country, using the local wine will allow you to explore and appreciate the place.

  • Visit during off-season

Due to the high number of visitors that go to France every year, it’s advisable to tour the country off-season. Since many schools in Europe are on holiday between July and August, these months happen to be the busiest in the country. If you visit the country when schools are open, you will avoid the crowds during your holiday. Sometime before June or after September could be ideal.

  • Travel by train

Another effective way of reducing your costs on your visit to France is by taking a train. You can also ride the metro and enjoy a majestic view of Paris. If your itinerary is ready, you should consider booking the train in advance since it’s cheaper. Mind the schedule so that you don’t miss a ride. Ensure you keep your train ticket safely since you may be fined €35 if you lose it before you exit.

  • Consider the weather

If you are planning to visit France, check the weather. Different seasons will require you to dress differently. Pack light clothes if you are visiting Paris and the three Mediterranean coasts during summer since they are hot. When you know the time of year that you are visiting, this will help you to determine what you’ll carry and some of the activities you can engage in.

  • Visit Lyon

Lyon is one of the cities with the richest history dating back to around 2,000 years ago. You can visit the medieval Lyon and experience this history first hand. During the tour, make sure you have explored the medieval castles in the region and surrounding places.

If you are planning to visit France, we hope this guide will help you to prepare. Even with this knowledge in mind, it’s important to know that everything changes. Critical thinking in a foreign country may help to remain safe during the tour.

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