Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

The 4 Best Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

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Whether you want adventure, relaxation, or urban exploring, a budget shouldn’t come in the way of your honeymoon dreams. Wedded bliss shouldn’t cost a you fortune. A romantic honeymoon should always be within your reach by staying in line with your budget.  Whether you want an adventure holiday, relaxing beach freedom, or urban exploring with your partner, we’ve got you covered with affordable honeymoon destinations picked just for you.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway that is both affordable and luxurious, check out our list of the best honeymoon destinations on a budget.

Dublin, Ireland

The city offers the perfect mix of old-world romantic sights and exciting modern nightlife.  Save money by flying into Shannon Airport and enjoy a road trip through Ireland traversing through quaint villages, lush greenery, and rugged coasts.  Once in Dublin, explore Ha’penny Bridge, the shops of Henry Street, and try some of the best seafood and pubs in all of Ireland. Hotel prices have fallen in recent years, and there is inexpensive accommodation within the city and in the surrounding areas.


If you are looking for an indulgent, romantic resort experience at a lower cost, Aruba is your best choice.  Choose an all-inclusive resort to not worry about the cost of daily dining, and relax while you and your partner get pampered beachside while the breeze off the sea comforts you.  It is almost always warm and sunny in Aruba, so bring your swim gear and snorkel into bright reefs and secluded lagoons, or spend the days relaxing beachside and enjoying each other’s company.

Montreal, Canada

If you want a taste of old France but find the price a bit much to bear, Montreal may be the perfect honeymoon spot.  Stay near Old Montreal for a more romantic feel, and venture on foot to the Notre Dame Basilica, the St. Lawrence River, and the Old Port of Montreal.  Explore the city on the efficient train system, seeing the free museums like Montreal Museum of Fine arts and Redpath Museum and indulge in the amazing cuisine that is French Canadian food.

Koh Samui, Thailand

While flights to get here may be a bit pricier than destinations closer to home, money saved on accommodations and food will more than make up for it.  If you want to start your married life together on a high note, then Koh Samui is the spot for the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure.  Thailand is one of the world’s premier destinations for scuba diving, and lessons are extremely budget friendly. Hike the lush forests, see picturesque waterfalls, and find hidden caves along the high walls of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Hotels here are geared towards romantic getaways, rather than the budget backpackers that flock to many of Thailand’s other destinations.

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